Thank you for your interest in the Erie County Property Alert Service!

The Property Alert Service is the first step in protecting your property.
Signing up for this service alerts you to possible fraudulent activity on your property in Erie County, NY, but does not prevent this fraudulent activity from taking place.  If you are alerted to an unauthorized transaction and believe it to be fraudulent, you must contact law enforcement to report it.

  1. Getting Started

    Please Register your Username and Password to begin the registration process.

  2. Confirmation Email

    You will receive a confirmation email after having registered your Username and Password.  Click the link provided in the confirmation email to return to the Erie County Property Alert Service webpage. Once on the webpage, specify the “S-B-L” and/ or party name associated with the properties for which you would like to begin receiving alerts.

  3. Registering based upon S-B-L

    If you do know the S-B-L for the property for which you would like to receive alerts, you can obtain the S-B-L by visiting Erie County’s Real Property Parcel Search webpage.  To locate a S-B-L, begin by clicking “Parcel Search” at the top of the webpage. Next, select to search by either “Property Location” or “By Owner.”  Once you have specified the information required to conduct the search, click “Search.” 

  4. Registering based upon Party Name

    If you register to receive alerts based upon a Party Name, you will only be alerted when documents are filed that exactly match the Party Name you selected.  The same Party’s name may be listed differently on different documents filed with the County Clerk’s Office. For example, the same individual may be listed as John Doe, John Doe Jr,. or John Doe II.  Thus, subscribers are advised to register to receive alerts for each possible variation of a Party’s name to decrease their odds of missing a relevant alert. If a subscriber needs to verify that a Party Name matches a Party Name as it appears on previously recorded documents, please visit Erie County’s Official Records Search webpage

    NOTE: It is possible that a document could be filed with the County Clerk that that is relevant to a property a subscriber has registered to be alerted about, but which does not include a S-B-L and/or Party Name. In such instances, the Property Alert Service would be unable to recognize the document as pertaining to the registered property and as a result on email alert notification will be sent to the subscriber.   Subscribers are advised, when possible, to register both S-B-L and Party Names for property they would like to receive alerts for.