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Document Details

Available Document Index Dates

Land Records - (Mortgages, Deeds, Power of Attorney, Discharges, Assignment, etc.) 1/1/1986 - current

UCC's and Federal Tax Liens - All active records

Judgments, Mechanics Liens and Lis Pendens - July 15, 1991 through current

DBA's, Corporations and other misc filed documents - February 21, 1994 through current

Index Numbers - January 1, 1993 through current

Available Image Dates For Paid Registered Users 

Please note – Document Images for Mortgages recorded January 1980 through December 1985 and Deeds recorded January 1960 through December 1985 require search by book and page. The book and page is found by viewing the image for the alphabetic section of our Graves Indices.

Enter Party Name as:

  - MORTGAGOR INDEX  198085 (for mortgage records)

  - GRANTOR INDEX *(for the seller on a Deed)                 

  - GRANTEE INDEX *(for the buyer on a Deed)                                                                  

*Years for Deed Records are grouped as follows:   196064   196568   196973   197479   198085
  • Deed Liber – Starts January 1, 1960 with Liber\Book 6511 - current
  • Mortgage Liber – Starts January 1, 1980 with Liber\Book 8263 - current
  • Other Recorded Land Documents - February 21, 1994 through current
  • UCC's and Federal Tax Liens - All active records
  • Judgments and Liens - February 1, 1994 through current
  • DBA's, Corporations and other misc filed documents - February 21, 1994 through current
  • Index Number - Documents NOT available

If you are looking for lists of specific documents for specific date ranges, such as DBAs, Property transfers, Mortgages, your request must be made in writing to the Erie County Clerk’s Office, 92 Franklin Street, Buffalo, New York  14202

Glossary of Codes

Party Codes

D – Direct party on a documento:

          Deed - Grantor

          Mortgage - Mortgagor

          Lien – Debtor

          Court Document – Defendant

          DBA  - business owner

R – Reverse Party

          Deed – Grantee

          Mortgage – Mortgagee

          Lien – Secured Party

          Court Document – Plaintiff

          DBA – business name

A – Other Party

          Most documents Attorney, Judge or Magistrate

          Mechanics Liens – some instances is Company employing defendant

          Ucc Vendee – recorded owner

Book Types

A – Brokers Affidavit

B - Bonds

C – Certificate of Incorporation

D – Deed

H - Naturalization

J – Judgment

K – Filings amending or satisfying Filed Documents

L – Lis Pendens

M – Mortgage

N – map

O – Wetlands

P – Power of Attorney

Q – Filed documents

T – Real Estate Tax

V – Misc documents

W – Military Discharge

X – Local Law

STATUS or ROUTING (for internal use only)

B – imported from computer systems older than August 1,2005

R – Document has been recorded

S – Document has been scanned

I – Document has been indexed

V – Document has been verified


The last date of work Verified is listed in the top left bar of the Official Records Search. This is also the date of documents most recently returned to the customer listed in the record Detail as: Document Return Info.

Group Codes

Deed – Documents recorded in the Deed Book

Daff – Affidavits recorded in the Deed Book

Mdisch – document discharging a mortgage

Lien – Lien documents

Mtg – Mortgage

Mupd – document updating a mortgage

Corp – Corporation

Disch – document discharging a filed document

Upd – document updating a filed document

Dmisc – Miscellaneous document recorded in Deed liber


Tax Lien Documents

Erie County has 6 large tax lien documents on record. Because of the way they are entered into our system, there appears to be thousands of these documents with the same book and page, however they are the same document. Because of the restrictions on The Clerk’s New Internet System, you should search for them by the following File Num(s)


D110657894   County Tax Lien   filenum 200312300836

D110885266   County Tax Lien   filenum 200412290915

D110620913   County Tax Lien   filenum 200311061594

D110580001   City Tax Lien  filenum  200310010366

D110580092   City Tax Lien  filenum  200310010391

D111073917   County Tax Lien filenum  filed 12/2005 – you can search by the property owner’s name or  enter the  book and page and limit the search by selecting under Name Type – Show only Direct Names